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Basic Tools For Every Household

Even if you’re not the handy type, every home should have a basic tool kit. Escondido Ace Hardware explains what tools you should always make sure are in your home. Many of these tools are on sale this month at Ace Hardware.

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– Even if you’re not the handy type, every home should have a basic toolkit. To help us put one together is Paul Shanabarger from Escondido Ace Hardware. So how you doin’?

– Doing great, how you doin’?

– Good! I’m ready to learn the basics, because this is really basic and this is pretty much all I have. It just switches from a Phillips head.

– That is nice. That is still a basic tool and works great.

– It does. But you need more than that, so a screwdriver kit. There’s lots of sizes, too.

– Screwdrivers, not only do you have a lot of sizes, which that one can accommodate, you have the different, you have Phillips head, flathead, Torx head, square heads now. So yeah, screwdrivers in an all-in-one like that works great.

– Okay, so that’s the basics. We’re going down the list.Wrenches. We need one of those?

– Wrenches, and not only do you need a wrench, there’s different sizes, and then there’s standard size and metric size. You wanna be prepared for everything. There’s a lot of things out there that uses metric now.

– Okay, very good. And then pliers. I know there have been times when I’ve felt like I needed pliers and I didn’t have one on hand.

– Pliers are the universal tool. That’s if you don’t have the right wrench, you don’t have the right size, a plier can grab almost anything. Odd shaped stuff. It’s the work horse.

– Okay, so still talkin’ about the basic tool set and socket sets. Now this is where it sorta goes over my head, but I know that this is
part of an important–

– Sockets can replace wrenches. They come in different sizes. They’re nice, and the thing about them, they come in a nice, usually, a kit, you can get ’em standard and metric.

– Okay, standard and metric again. And then the hex key set and the hammer round it out.

– The hex key set, there again, there are things that a screwdriver can’t handle, you need the hex key set, and then when all else fails, you bring out the hammer.

– Okay, you need the hammer.

– That’s definitely one of the basics.

– The hammer’s a cure-all.

– Don’t put your thumb in front of it. Be careful.

– That’s right, it’s the cure-all.

– And also, a nice tool box to put it in.

– You wanna keep all your tools together, so when you need ’em they’re all there nice and handy.

– Okay, and I know that there’s a lot of help at Ace Hardware too, so that you can go in and get great customer service. People are on hand to help you with questions.

– As we say, if we don’t have it, and we can’t get it, you don’t need it.

– All right, thanks so much, Paul. Ace Hardware has all
the basic tools you need to build your tool kit, and many of them are even on sale this month as a red hot buy. Head to SDAceHardware.com to find your local store.