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Award-Winning Plumbing and HVAC

We Care Plumbing, Heating & Air is a known name in the HVAC and plumbing world because people trust and can rely on them. Bob Briley joins us to discuss We Care’s brag book. Discover the amazing customer service that they offer!

Details on ‘Award-Winning Plumbing and HVAC’

[Jordan] we are not the only ones who love we care Plumbing Heating & Air customers industry leaders and manufacturers all due to so today Bob Briley is here to talk about the brag book to help show why we care offers award-winning plumbing and HVAC services let’s just start with what is the brag book

[Bob] the brag book is it’s a compiled of all of our certifications our awards and letters of recommendations that we received throughout the time which is huge

[Jordan] I love that it’s a nicely compiled easy to access place for homeowners to just be able to flip through and find all that information on we care and then of course you called the brag book but the company so humble everyone is so you know appreciative and it’s not it’s ironically called a brag book

[Bob] yeah it’s really hard to brag about your company a brag about yourself because it’s just it’s just hard to talk about sometimes yeah it’s just part of the company culture to do things the right way which is how this book came together so easily

[Jordan] right what’s your favorite award that’s in there

[Bob] the ACCA award which is their character Conditioning Contractors of America okay so that’s a nationwide organization it would be huge to win something from them yeah we are the only contractor residential contractor in Southern California has won this award that’s a really big deal right we’re really proud of you for that it was really cool because they flew us out to receive the award rusty went up there to receive it coming in and do a speech and my job is to sit back and just count how many ARMs he did does he count the arms on your TV appearance constantly and it’s kind of like a little thing it was like ah you did it again

[Jordan] so you’re having such a good time company culture is so positive but it’s also I think really telling that it was important for rusty to want to put his best foot forward to accept the award it’s still just we care presenting and doing the best they can and everything including award acceptance speeches what about the most recent award you won

[Bob] Dave Lennox Signature Series award Dave Lennox Lennox  and what the award goes by is how well you represent yourself Lennox the company and how good you take care of the customers and if there is a problem how you deal with it at the end instead of trying to run it hide

[Jordan] absolutely and very quickly the last thing that’s in there is a bunch of customer testimonials how does that feel

[Bob] it’s great because the homeowners will actually sit down and write a letter and anytime a homeowner’s writes a review or letter we recognize that employee who who that letter is intended for all back the company culture it we care so trust you our plumbing and HVAC needs to the award-winning products and services out

[Jordan] we care call them today