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Ask the Experts: Outdoor Living Event Information

Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 18! From 10:30AM-2PM, System Pavers will be hosting Ask an Expert Outdoor Living Event. There will be free food, a wine tasting and raffle prizes!

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[Jordan] We check in with home improvement professionals every Saturday morning, here right here on ABC 10. Sean Johnson, co-founder of Approved Home Pros is with me today to share how you can meet some of these experts and get personalized answers to your questions. I’m so excited to talk about this today, Sean. Why don’t we invite everyone to this event?

[Sean] It’s gonna be a great event. It’s the Ask the Experts: Outdoor Living and Home Improvement Event. It’s Saturday, May 18th at the System Pavers Design Center up in Carlsbad. And it goes from 10:30 to 2:00 in the afternoon. There’s gonna be so much going on there’s free food, wine tasting- that’s all free- there’s great prizes, there’s more prizes throughout the day and there’s a new patio set courtesy Mor Furniture for Less. Valued at $1,100.

[Jordan] That’s going to be raffled off so one of you lucky viewers out there. You’re probably, if you come to this event, are gonna be walking home with it which is really exciting.  No purchase is necessary. Probably not walking home with it, now that I say.

[Sean] That’d be a little heavy.

[Jordan] Yeah, probably not. So is this a traditional home show? It sounds like a much different environment.

[Sean] It’s not anything like a home show.  You know the home shows we used to do  those for a long time and  people go there wanting to talk to an expert and get some advice but what ends up happening is there’s pitchman and a an appointment setters and they really don’t get advice.  At this, we have the experts they are available to talk to you can see the latest trends you look at samples and really have that one-on-one time with the experts.

[Jordan] I love that but also there’s seminars that these experts are also going to be participating in panel discussions on some pretty hot topics right now.

[Sean] Yeah, we have three different panel discussions, one is on design and organization, the other one is on outdoor living and making the most of your outdoor space, and then we have a great one on what the power companies and utilities don’t want you to know.

[Jordan] Three very very pressing topics that everyone could benefit from.  Why is it that Approve Home Pros is being involved in this event?

[Sean] You know, we really want to be of service to the consumer and that’s what our Pros are all interested in as well so we know that giving an opportunity for people to come to a great beautiful environment like the System Pavers Design Center and spend an afternoon and free food, free drink and then really get that one-on-one time with the pros or the panel discussion and have their questions answered is a tremendous value to help them.

[Jordan] It is a tremendous value which is a great point to say. How much does this event cost, Sean?

[Sean] It’s absolutely free. Yeah, it’s a free event no charge at all, but the one thing a space is very limited so you’d need to RSVP.

[Jordan] Absolutely so like you said this event is free but it will fill up very fast. RSVP for your space today right on the homepage of ApprovedHomePros.com