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ADU Costs and Pre-Approved Plans

ADU’s are a great way to add on extra space to your home, but they come at a cost. Cantor’s Corner discusses navigating the cost of ADU’s and how a pre-approved plan can help you.

Details on ‘ADU Costs’

[Gregg Cantor] Companion units or granny flats, also called adu’s, are the most popular home improvements right now. Even though legislation has made permitting companion units much easier as well as lowering fees substantially, most consumers need the right firm to handle the design, pricing, permitting and execution of work. Pre-approved city plans seldom are a good option because they’re incomplete and the savings is exaggerated. An accurate site assessment is very important due to variables that affect construction and utility cost. An owner – builder or adu consultant taking a fee may not have the building experience to accurately price your project.  Companion units are a great home improvement for loved ones and rental income, but the’re not for everyone. Speficially if you’re looking for rental income, you need to be caution due to the misinformation being reported.  Make sure you know the total cost for the design & build as a package then do the math.