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A Family Approach to Remodeling

As a fourth generation family business, Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel understands the importance of meeting and getting to know the family they’re working with. They take all aspects of the home into consideration when building and designing it, so you know you’re getting the perfect home for your family.

Details on ‘A Family Approach to Remodeling’

[Jordan] your home needs to work with your family’s lifestyle so today Rachel and Greg Cantor from Murray Lampert design build remodel are here to talk about the family approach to remodeling that they take over at Murray Lampert thanks for being with me today thank. Greg I’ll start with you Rachel of course is your daughter’s,  third generation, Murray Lampert has been around a long time but working together what is it mean to you to have a family business

[Gregg] well obviously it’s great working with my daughter and we’re a family business family means everything to us not only our immediate family but our clients and pets

[Jordan] well now that you include pets in that because my dog is seven year and dear to me as well but Rachel in the field you are one that goes out to client’s homes and really are the one who starts that consultation process what are you looking for so that you can help make a design for the family’s lifestyle that will work

[Rachel] so we always start out by doing a little walk of the house and something that I like to take notice of is even the refrigerator it’s kind of a funny thing but you get to know a lot about a person just by looking at that for example if you see that there’s travel magnets if they have lots of kids art if they keep it really clean and nice you know they want something more sleek and simple you get a look you know you don’t have to know a lot about that person that way

[Jordan] that is so true it’s such a great example of their personality showcase which is a great way to get to know the family and figure that out Greg you often also are out on these consultations but you always bring someone from the construction side of the business with you as well tell me about both sides

[Gregg] it’s really important and we listen and we solve problems and we capture all the costs we want to have discovery upfront so that there’s no cost overruns which I love because it’s not a sales process it’s really a consultation collaborative with the homeowner which makes them part of the Murry Lampert family

[Jordan] absolutely favorite things with Murray Lambert you have had successful reviews

[Gregg] we have a client you know we want to share a little bit I really love this one they said that they like the two-person approach at the initial meeting I like that you both are represented the two factors architecture and construction talking about the realities of this kind of endeavor instead of fantastic visions that wouldn’t meet our requirements

[Jordan]it’s so practical the way that Murray Lambert approach is designed that family approach those clients can then become part of the real family you so much for joining me today if your home doesn’t work with your family’s lifestyle let Murray Lampert design build remodel help transform it into one that does and you’ll join the Murray Lampert family when you do so call them today at six one nine 594 eighty-five