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A Customer’s Experience Researching Solar Companies

Finding the best solar company in San Diego can be a tedious rabbit hole. Luckily there’s Approved Home Pros to help! We met with a customer to discuss their research that led them to SunPower by Milholland, and how their process compares to ours.

Details on ‘A Customer’s Experience’

[Sean] I’m in a beautiful home here in carmel mountain ranch with Michael a gentleman that does about as much research when he’s hiring a contractor as approved home pros does Michael you’re having solar and roofing done with SunPower by Milholland. What made you look at solar what are the problems we’re trying to solve

[Michael] so with the solar with the continuing price of electricity going up and knowing that I wanted to get at least a couple electric cars in the future I wanted to look to see what would my option by using solar and how I could cut down my electricity bills

[Sean] that’s a very common theme for people as they know that prices are going up you know you had a set of criteria that you had and you came to look at a small group of companies

[Michael] correct yes I looked at three companies, my research is like you said, I looked at the web and I looked at the contracting License Board and I looked at the Better Business Bureau to look and see okay which companies do I want to have come out and give me a quote so I did that you know and then one day I was down getting a haircut I walked out of the store and I looked over and I saw this and it said SunPower by Milholland and their showroom was right there so I thought this is awesome so I came home I got my wife and said, hey honey let’s go we got to go down and want to go see what the showroom has so we go down we go into the showroom and we met Oscar. He took us through everything and we got to see actually physically see what was gonna go up on our roof and we got to talk about that with Oscar it was that a big difference maker to be able to see feel and touch the panels and the roofing materials

[Sean] oh yes you know to look at brochures it’s very hard to know what’s gonna go on your roof and to be able to say hey this is the right color this is what you can get

[Michael] It made a big difference to be actually to go into the showroom

[Sean] what were the things that set Milholland apart that made you choose them

[Michael] Oh, communication collaboration the rapport I built with their staff Oscar build a good rapport with him you know and for me and my wife communication is the biggest thing and the company their self so in my research that I did with the company everything that they did all the feedback was all very much positive and it is a family-owned company and they’ve been in this for a long time so I want to know that they’re there whenever I have problems

[Sean] so you’d recommend them to people go solar

[Michael] oh I would definitely recommend Milholland for anybody that’s looking for solar

[Sean] thank you so much Michael it’s great to know that all the research that Michael did came up with a and result we did which is recommending SunPower by Milholland you can find them and all the other great pros at Approved Home Pros.com