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A Company’s Commitment to Their Community

Our newest Pro joins us to discuss the commitment Ameristar Windows & Doors has made to their community. They provide affordable, custom-made and energy efficient doors and windows to Southern California. Discover the quality service and product that Ameristar Windows & Doors offers today!

Details on ‘A Company’s Commitment’

[Sean] I’m here at the Ameristar Windows Factory, here in Southern California with Connor Loushian CEO of Ameristar Windows, a company you recently took over. And Ameristar has great high-quality windows, but a little bit of a diamond in the rough. people don’y really know about it. Is that correct?

[Connor] That’s correct, when we first look at this window it’s just tremendously built. Tremendous parts, the mechanisms, the glass that was used, the quality of the slide of the single hung and the doors. We were just amazed by it. On top of that they did their own installs just very professional, in house installs. So for us, to have that value combine is unique in the industry itself.

[Sean] Because you think it would be a highly priced window but you discovered it was not at the top of the market in terms of price.

[Connor] That’s correct, and when we looked at it, because it’s not third party, someone selling it, someone making it, someone actually installing it, where it’s three different people trying to make money. It’s all under one roof.

[Sean] On top of that, the quality control of itis totally perfect.

[Connor] If someone is at a job site and they realize there is a problem with the window, which rarely happens, they’ll realize it. They’ll take it, they’ll call the factory and get a new one that day.

[Sean] And that’s part of it, the factory is here in Southern California. No one else is manufacturing it, in this way, where it’s factory direct to the consumer. One of the things that I was struck by when we were preparing for this, and I love this quote. You said, we don’t shake hands goodbye, we shake hands hello. What does that have to do with your warranty, or just the whole philosophy or both?

[Connor] Everything about it- from the first phone call with us, we want to know what you’re really looking for. We’re trying to find out what you’re real needs are. We want to look at your house, look at your windows. We want to find the best operations so we can find what window fits your needs. And your budget, of course. On top of that, when it’s finished at the very end, we shake your hand hello. Because it’s a lifetime warranty, we want to make sure it’s a relationship that we maintain. We are here, we are right in town. Built by people right here in California. We’re California’s, so we take great pride in that.

[Sean] And you’re bringing this to a much greater degree to the entire market place. Quickly, what’s your recommendation?

[Connor] Give us a call and one of our technicians will be more than happy to talk to you.

[Sean] Absolutely, that’s one of the reasons we recommend Ameristar Windows, they’re a high quality window manufactured here in Southern California. Find them at Approved Home Pros.com. Their number is right there, call them and get a free consultation.