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A Company Committed to Quality Flooring

Your garage floor goes through a lot between tire marks, oil and so much more, so you want to make sure your flooring is quality material. Perkins Custom Coatings is committed to providing their clients quality flooring. Learn how you can receive a beautiful garage floor today!

Details on ‘A Company Committed to Quality Flooring’

[Sean] so when you’re hiring a company sometimes it’s nice to know the background in the history of the company that’s why I wanted to talk with Paul Frankel from Perkins custom coding says your story is very similar to mine how you got involved in your trade why don’t you tell a little bit about that story.

[Paul] had a successful painting business and during the recession we were looking for other opportunities I had some prior experience probably not a great experience in retrospect with epoxy and I wanted to sell a product that I knew outperformed epoxy due to my personal experiences

[Sean] tell us a little bit about that experience what happened with you and your family with epoxy floors

[Paul] well we had we were getting ready to sell a house and we installed an epoxy floor and we had some bad experiences with it was slippery and it yellowed and appealed and I called the contractor that did the work and he came out and he explained to me all epoxies do that sorry I can’t help you and I had a lifetime warranty very disappointing experience overall and so when we moved and we had a new house I said let’s install another epoxy floor do it right to sign do it right this time and used a different contractor sure enough the exact same thing happened another lifetime warranty another explanation of why it wasn’t going to be covered by the warranty and so I realized it was the material it wasn’t it wasn’t the contractor and so when I got into the business I wanted to make sure that we offered a product that really outperformed epoxy and could do the things that I wished I had in my previous experiences

[Sean] so that’s how you came up with and you discovered Sparta flex correct which is these beautiful coatings that like this they go in the garage how did you discover Sparta flex

[Paul] you know I got lucky I was looking for other options other than epoxy and as everybody knows epoxy sort of kind of synonymous with garage floors but over the last couple decades there have been new products been introduced Sparta flex is a polyaspartic and we became the dealer for Sparta flex in Southern California and I’ve been very happy ever since and it’s a superior product in every way to epoxy

[Sean] I’ve seen the results and I can really sit here with you and tell everybody that they need to look at a smarter flex if they’re even considering epoxy and you need to talk to Paul from Perkins custom coatings because he’s the guy that’s going to direct you the right way you can find paul and perkins at approved home pros comm