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8 Great Labor Day Weekend Projects

8 Great Labor Day Weekend Projects

Labor Day marks the end of summer, so use the three-day weekend to get your home ready for fall and winter. We’ve rounded up the best Labor Day weekend projects for the weekend warrior.

8 Great Labor Day Weekend Projects

1)     Add some color to your yard.

There are some beautiful, vibrant plants that thrive in the fall season like lilies and Bluestars. Whether you stock up on seasonal plants or just add a few accent pieces, the new additions will spruce up your outdoor areas and give you a fresh look for fall. Get started at Mission Hills Nursery, or a nursery near you.

2)     Paint a room or accent wall.

With the right prep work, painting is a great Labor Day weekend project that can make a huge impact on your home. Painting one or two accent walls, or a small room is the perfect size project for a three-day weekend. Take advantage of 30% off all paints and stains during Frazee Paint’s Labor Day Sale from August 25-September 1.

3)      Conduct an energy audit.

Everyone likes to save money, and with the rising cost of energy, Labor Day weekend is a great time to assess your energy usage and see where you could cut back. If you’re really serious about lowering your energy costs, call a pro for a formal energy audit complete with projected savings from going solar or making other energy-efficient home improvements.

4)     Clean out your rain gutters.

It’s not the most exciting weekend warrior project, but Labor Day weekend is a great time to clean out your rain gutters to make sure they are draining properly. You’ll thank yourself later for taking care of it early.

5)     Install low-flow or drip irrigation.

San Diego is in a serious drought, and everyone should be doing their part to save water. Installing low-flow or drip irrigation is a great way to lower your water usage while maintaining the health of your outdoor space. Drip irrigation is a relatively easy DIY project you can definitely tackle in a three-day weekend.

6)     Replace furnace filters.

It’s one of those simple tasks that we inevitably put off. Use Labor Day weekend as an excuse to get everything in your home prepped for fall and winter, including your furnace filters. The DIY Network has great step-by-step instructions.

7)     Wash your windows.

Spring and summer are dry dusty times in San Diego. Give your glass a good cleaning for the new season.

8)     Upgrade your furniture.

Nothing says Labor Day like furniture store sales, so use the three-day weekend as a chance to make big changes to your home while catching big savings. Mor Furniture for Less’ 37th Anniversary Sale includes 0% financing and the lowest monthly payments Mor has ever offered.

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