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6 Tips To Avoid Plumbing Problems This Holiday Season

The holidays can take a toll on your plumbing. We Care Plumbing, Heating & Air shares what you should do to avoid disasters this holiday season. Their tips will give you peace of mind while you entertain guests this year.

Details On “6 Tips To Avoid Plumbing Problems This Holiday Season”

Jordan: The holidays can take a toll on your plumbing, but thankfully Bob Briley from We Care Plumbing, Heating & Air is here to help us avoid disaster. Thank you so much for joining me.

Bob: Thanks for having me in.

Jordan: Why is the holidays the worst time?

Bob: Well, because you’re having all kinds of people come over, usually all within the next couple days and stuff, and your plumbing gets actually pushed to its limits most of the time.

Jordan: So we’re talking bathroom and kitchen. Let’s start in the bathroom. What kind of tips can help us out here?

Bob: Well, the number one I would say is, get a plunger for every bathroom. That way, if somebody has an issue, they’re not calling you up, or they’re able to take care of it right there. And it’s an embarrassing situation, so you might want to just–

Jordan: For everyone involved. I’ve been the person who receives the call, and says I’m in your bathroom, do you have a plunger?

Bob: Right.

Jordan: It’s no fun being that person either, I’ll tell you that.

Bob: No, not at all. And then also they have little scuppers and stuff that can actually go in your sinks, or in your bathtubs, and it actually traps all the hair and stuff.

Jordan: Oh, you’re commenting? I’m shedding a little bit today.

Bob: No, my hair’s thinning too. I got a little five head going right here.

Jordan: What about things we should maybe not flush down the toilet?

Bob: Definitely feminine products. Please throw those in the trash can. They do not do any good for the plumbing. They will get trapped in the plumbing lines. They are not biodegradable most the time, and you’re not doing anything for the environment also.

Jordan: So, great tips for the bathroom. We know what we can avoid here, ’cause we don’t want to have to call you over the holidays. As nice as you are, Bob, I just don’t want–

Bob: You don’t want to see me?

Jordan: I don’t want to challenge you over your Thanksgiving break, or over mine. So what about the kitchen? The garbage disposal’s probably the main factor.

Bob: Yes, please don’t use the garbage disposal like people think it’s supposed to be used. It’s not a blender for food. It’s basically, a garbage disposal is if you’re you’re ready to take all your dishes, scrape ’em into the trash can, and any other product that’s left on it, that’s okay to go through it, but don’t sit there and scrape your dish into the sink itself. It’s just going to cause your whole plumbing system to start backing up. It’s going to attract it, it’s going to be stuck in all the traps and everything else.

Jordan: Should we have our drains maybe cleaned out before the holidays?

Bob: I recommend yes. That way your starting fresh. That way you’re avoiding any potential problems that can happen when the holiday seasons, because then you’re paying holiday fees, and you’re paying everything else for someone to come out and take care of you.

Jordan: And conveniently, of course, We Care has a great special special right now. It is $79 for your first drain cleaning, which is a $20 savings, and then if you have any additional drains that need to be cleaned, it is only $59 per drain, which is another $40 savings on top of that. Bob, one last question. What can we do to prevent any smells coming out of that garbage disposal?

Bob: Ice. Not use it like people think they’re supposed to use it, but also use ice. Put some ice in there. The ice, what it does is actually chills the oils and stuff there, and clumps ’em up and lets ’em go on down. If you put hot water down, all it does is it turns that stuff into wax and it just sticks to your pipe.

Jordan: Thanks so much. We always appreciate your insights here. Don’t have any holiday woes this season. We Care is here to help if you do though, so give them a call 619-333-8646, or find them on ApprovedHomePros.com.