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5 Ways to Prevent Fire and Smoke Damange in Your Home

5 Ways to Prevent Fire and Smoke Damange in Your Home

On the TV feature today on San Diego 6, we had Sean Wilson from S&J Builders and Restoration join Clint and Gregg.  S&J helps homeowners recover from fire damage and smoke damage here in the San Diego area.  Some of the most common calls they get are caused by things that can be prevented.  So, what are some common causes of home fires and smoke-damage repair calls?

1) Lint in the Dryer Vent Hose:  Unhook and clean out your dryer vent hose regularly.  If not, lint gets trapped and can catch fire.  Also, vacuum under and around your dryer so lint doesn’t create fuel for a fire.

2) Un-Attended Candles:  Candles are beautiful, but people sometimes forget them and leave or go to bed.  If that candle is knocked over, something brushes into it or somehow the flame contacts another object, it can catch your home on fire.  Always put your candles out and pay attention to them when lit.  Or, get the new electronic candles.  They look like the real thing and are safer.

3) Grease fires:  A very common kitchen problem  are grease fires.  Be careful of grease with flame and cooking at high temperatures.  Also, NEVER use water on a grease fire.  It will cause the grease to react violently and spread the fire.  Cut off the heat and cover the pan to remove the oxygen source.  Or, use an approved fire extinguisher.  Some sources also recommend use of large volumes of baking soda to help extinguish the flames.

4) Smoke from Cooking:  Even without a fire, an unattended pot with a protein source (say chicken) can put off incredible amounts of smoke once all the water has boiled away and the heat is still applied.  Always watch anything on the stove or oven and stay aware of what is cooking.

5) Overloaded or Poorly Done Electrical:  Never over-burden an outlet with an “octopus” of wires and plugs.  Also, do not attempt to wire your home if you are not an expert.  Amateur electrical work is a cause of many fires that start and go inside walls.

This list is just a sample of some of the things that cause house fires here in San Diego on a regular basis.   If you do experience a home disaster, call S&J Builders and Restoration after you call 911 and get to safety.  You have the right to choose the restoration company of your choice and S&J will work with your insurance company.  Don’t delay.  Immediate action is in your best interest.

Of course, having working smoke alarms and fire extinguishers is an important thing, as well as having a well-rehearsed escape and meeting plan for your family incase the worst does happen.

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