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5 Tips To Protect Your Deck

It’s always outdoor weather in San Diego, so it’s important to maintain your deck so you can entertain guests all year round. Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, explains how to protect your deck so you can use it for years to come. Stop by your local Ace Hardware to get all the products you need.

Details On “5 Tips To Protect Your Deck”

Sean: Welcome to your Ace Hardware Project of the Week. I’m here with Lou Manfredini, and Lou, decks, we use them all the time here in San Diego. It’s always outdoor weather. 

Lou: Yep. 

Sean: But what do I do to maintain it and make sure my deck is usable for years? 

Sean: It’s really important because the sun just beats down on that wood, and that’s really what tears it apart is that sun, and the UV on there, so it’s important to keep the deck clean and it’s important to apply a really good-quality deck stain. Now you’ve got options. There’s water-borne stains, there’s oil-based stains. Today I’m going to talk about oil-based stains because it’s really one that I prefer. So it starts with washing the deck, so I’ve got a couple of different products here that you can use. This is an outdoor cleaner. This is actually by Cabot right here. Another product, very good deck washing products. You can use those with combination of some of these deck brushes. It’d be a great workout. You don’t have to go to the gym. And scrub it all down, then hose it all down. Or if you want to speed things up, you could buy or rent a pressure washer. This is a small one right here, does about 1600 PSI. That’s important, ’cause if it’s not strong enough, you’ll be wasting a lot of time. Then, when the deck dries, you’re going to make any repairs needed, loose boards, maybe even replace a couple boards. Then a couple choices you have for oil stains is the Cabot product, as well as the Ace Royal. These are oil-based products that you’re going to brush on to work into the grain, and then in some cases you may, depending on the product, go with a second coat while it’s still wet. Cabot sort of created this whole wet on wet application where you come in, you do a few boards, you come back again and hit it again, and it drives that oil and the resin down in there. One thing to keep in mind when you’re doing the actual staining, you want to try and avoid doing it on super hot sunny days. It’s something that in the fall when the sun is a little lower, that’s a nice time to do it, in the afternoon, when the sun is out of the way a little bit. 

Sean: So this time of year is great, right now in September. 

Lou: It’s perfect, it’s perfect. Then, obviously we don’t have to worry about a lot of rain but we want to make sure that it’s not going to rain overnight when you’re going to go out and put this down.

Sean: Thank you so much Lou. You want to use your deck for years to come, and it’s important to protect your deck. So get down to your local Ace Hardware store, get these materials, and get all these products. Your local Ace Hardware store will guide you to everything you need. So go to AceHardware.com to find the store nearest you.