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5 Tips For Maximizing Space In Your Toddler or Baby’s Closet

There are so many things to focus on when your baby becomes a toddler, organization and where to store things should not be one of them. Classy Closets shares tips on how you can easily maximize storage space for your toddler.

Details On “Maximizing Space In Your Toddler or Baby’s Closet”

Jordan: There are so many things to pay attention to as your baby becomes a toddler. Organization and where to store things should not have to be one of them. Kate Monaghan from Classy Closets is here to make storage a breeze. Kate, when it comes to a baby’s closet, what sort of features do we need to talk about?

Kate: Well, basically, if you look at the graphics here, this is what I call a triple hang. So, baby clothes are really small.

Jordan: Really small.

Kate: Right? So, we usually do a triple hang. We do some drawers for their smaller stuff. I usually put a laminate countertop on top for the baby oils and stuff, so that it’s durable, so it doesn’t stain.

Jordan: And easy to clean.

Kate: Easy to clean. I like a stack of shelves, because kids basically. For shoes, you know, their books, all the kinds of things that build up as the baby gets a little older. And sometimes I’ll put a basket in so it’s a laundry hamper, but it’s not behind a hamper door so that air can circulate ’cause baby clothes stink basically. 

Jordan: Baby clothes are stinky.

Kate: And then that basket down the road can be used for their toys, you know, so it’s dual-purpose, or as they get older, for their sports gear.

Jordan: Yeah.

Kate: You know, like their cleats and whatnot.

Jordan: So it’s definitely all about maximizing the space, especially with that triple hang that we see down the side.

Kate: Correct.

Jordan: As the clothes are so tiny, you don’t wanna have just two racks with a lot of open space in the middle.

Kate: Exactly, wasted space. But, and one of the benefits is, as the toddler starts to walk, they can pick out their own clothes, right? So it gives them a little bit of independence. More importantly, they can put their clothes back. They have no excuse ’cause they can reach it, right? So it’s a good way to train kids. But as they get a little older then, you can pop out this middle shelf and this middle rod, move this one up, and you have a true double-hang, right?

Jordan: So once they’re old enough and we no longer need the third rack.

Kate: That’s right, you can modify it, right? You could even move a shelf up and have a long hang if you wanted, or two shelves and hanging, you know. So that for summer dresses, if it’s a girl or what have you. So it’s very flexible.

Jordan: Thanks Kate. And of course, Classy Closets can give you a free consultation to help you find the features that are right for you. A transitional closet space makes it easy to accommodate the different stages you’ll have during your child’s first years. Call Classy Closets today, 760-332-6466.