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5 Flooring Options Perfect For Kids And Pets

Choosing flooring that will hold up to kids and pets can sometimes be difficult. Contract Carpet shares which floor materials you should consider if durability is your top concern. 

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Sean: Hi, I’m Sean Johnson, and today it’s all about choosing the perfect flooring for kids and pets. Nick from Contract Carpet is here. Flooring for kids and pets is one of the big factors in choosing if the right floor is what’s best for your kids and your pets. 

Nick: Definitely have to find out what is going to hold up to the beating that we’re going to give it. 

Sean: The durability and there’s a lot of different challenges. Let’s start with some of the older flooring materials that aren’t used as much. What’s the first option here?

Nick: The laminates, the old school laminates as I call them have a compressed sawdust core essentially. It’s not water friendly. It will suck it up like a sponge and your floor will be ruined. 

Sean: So this is not recommended, again, it gets destroyed easily. We also talked about hardwoods, people love the look, but it’s not as durable.

Nick: It’s not as durable. It’s going to dent, it’s going to scratch and water again is the enemy. 

Sean: So these are things, the look may be nice, especially with hardwoods, but let’s move over to the porcelain flooring, which I love personally.

Nick: Yep, porcelain tile is almost as bullet proof as it can be. Aside from throwing a hammer at it, you really can’t hurt it. It’s water friendly, it’s not going to dent. It can scratch, but you really have to try hard 

Sean: You got to work at it just to scratch it. So kids, great, pets, great. It is a little harder though for toddlers if they fall. It’s not as forgiving. 

Nick: Not ideal. It’s a little harder, a little colder. 

Sean: What about the luxury vinyl tile?

Nick: The luxury vinyl planks, dent resistant, scratch resistant, water friendly, you can put it in your bathrooms, put it in your kitchen. It’s super popular now-a-days because everyone wants their floor to just flow throughout the whole house.

Sean: And that’s probably the most forgiving of all the options here. 

Nick: Yeah, absolutely, it’s also a littler warmer, a little softer. It’s a great option. 

Sean: Now carpet, we don’t have any carpet samples here, but carpet is something. It can be challenge with kids and pets, but there’s an upgrade that’s come out recently. 

Nick: Yeah, our kids and pets are rough on them so Stainmaster actually has their PetProtect line. It’s a solution dyed nylon fiber. It’s the same color all the way through so you can use more aggressive cleaning agents on it when we do have our oops. 

Sean: That’s great because the warranty there covers a lot of different things with the pets and that’s something that people who might have shied away from carpet can actually use carpet now. 

Nick: Absolutely. 

Sean: Wonderful, thank you so much. There’s a ten percent off up to $500. You can save up to $500 when you mention Approved Home Pros at Contract Carpet. No matter what flooring needs you have, Contract Carpet is there and has you covered. Call today 619-431-0070.