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4 Easy Halloween Decorating Tips

Direct from our resident design pro Robin Wilson Carrier of Robin Wilson Interior Design, these 4 easy Halloween decorating tips are sure to get your home ready for some ghoulish visitors!

4 Easy Halloween Decorating Tips

1. Make Ghosts Out Of Sheets

Hang simple sheets from the house and the trees. They can make spooky ghost-like figures, especially if lit from below.  Using hanging sheets to create ghosts

2. Use Layers to Create Texture & Depth

Add texture with spider webbing and layering gauze-type fabric. It’s especially effective when you have to walk under it.  
 Use texture to create a spooky atmosphere

3. Add a Few Surprises

Add design surprises along the way, especially those that also provide light.
add surprising designs

4. Don’t Forget Lighting 

Make sure the path to the treats is well lit. It’s supposed to be a scary holiday, but you don’t want to cause any injuries.
Make sure the path to treats is well lit

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