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3 Things to Know About Energy Upgrade California

When it comes to government programs, there is no shortage of misinformation and confusion. Our experts share the top 3 things to know about Energy Upgrade California.

What is Energy Upgrade California?

Energy Upgrade California is a government program that incentivizes California homeowners to upgrade their home’s energy efficiency. Their mission is to improve energy efficiency across the state. They are passionate about giving every person in California the knowledge and tools to reduce their energy consumption. This program is striving to help the state of California with it’s goal of doubling energy efficiency and lowering greenhouse emissions by 40% below 1990 levels by the year 2030. They want to make sure that California’s future is cleaner and healthier in order to maintain the beautiful environment we all love.

Why Does it Exist?

Energy Upgrade CA is beneficial to the state as a whole in it’s efforts to lessen the strain on our electrical grid. It also benefits homeowners by offering rebates for various home improvement projects that can increase a home’s energy efficiency. These upgrades will also help lower your utility bills. The program was created to be a valuable source for California homeowners to save money and save energy.

Rebates & Incentives for Home Improvements

Energy Upgrade California offers rebates for upgrading to some of the latest energy-efficient appliances and equipment, such as washing machines, water heaters, smart thermostats and more. They have a helpful tool that allows you to enter in your zip code to easily find rebates from SDG&E. They also have programs for homeowners and renters to make energy saving improvements to their homes. Their Home Upgrade program works with participating contractors to take either tackle small home improvements or make energy efficient modifications on a larger scale.

Energy Upgrade California has a list of many easy ways you can get started on lowering your utility bill and increasing your home’s energy efficiency, such as:

  • Switch out light bulbs to ENERGY STAR®–qualified LED bulbs.
  • Clean or replace filters on furnaces once a month.
  • Install low-flow shower heads and faucets.
  • Use cold water when washing clothes.
  • Try using an outdoor grill on hotter days to keep the heat outside.

You can find many more tips on Energy Upgrade California’s website.