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2019 Home Maintenance Checklist

The new year is a great time to do some annual home maintenance tasks that will keep your home in tip-top shape all year long.

Stay on top of regular home repairs with our handy checklist to ensure you don’t forget a thing:

Check Your Main Water Shut Off

Checking your main water shut off annually is an important task to remember. Make sure your main water shut off is working properly, because you don’t want to get a leak and not be able to turn off your water.

Flush Tankless Water Heater

If you have a tankless water heater, follow the manufacture’s instructions and flush out your system or have a professional flush it for you. It is recommended that tankless water heaters be flushed at least once a year to eliminate the buildup of calcium and other minerals within the unit. They should be flushed even more often if you have hard water.

Leaky Roof repair

Roof Inspection

Water intrusion is a huge issue that should be addressed sooner rather than later. Your roof should be inspected annually in order to avoid any leaks or to catch them early. Find Approved Home Pros’ recommended roofers here and ask about a free roof inspection.

Check Your Sump Pump

If you have a sump pump, it’s a good idea to make sure it’s working properly. Sump pumps remove water that has accumulated in a sump basin, typically found in the basement. A properly working sump pump will prevent a flood in your basement by pumping water from your home to an appropriate location.

roof leak gutter overflow

Rain Gutter Maintenance

We have been getting a lot of rain this year in San Diego and that water needs to have a clear path away from your home. If it doesn’t, the water will pool around your home, which can cause tremendous damage. Clean your rain gutters before any storms come in. If you don’t have rain gutters, now is a great time to have them installed.

Clean Dryer Vent

Cleaning your dryer vent regularly will help to prevent a fire from starting in your home. It is as simple as detaching your dryer vent and vacuuming out the lint.

Patio cover destroyed by termites.

Termite Inspection

There is no season for termites. They are always around and could be causing major damage to the structure of your home. Getting an annual termite inspection can help to catch an infestation early and mitigate that damage. Find Approved Home Pros recommended pest control companies here.

Keep Plants That Are Close To Your Home Well-Groomed

Clearing away any overgrown plants that are too close to your home is important for many reasons. Water often collects in the plants and can seep into your home. Plants that are too close can allow rodents easy access to your roof, as well. Finally, fire prevention is another a big reason to clear these plants out. Dry, overgrown plants can create a fire hazard and having them too close to your home is a bad idea.

Man using sealant on a window.

Windows and Doors

Check weather-stripping and seals on all doors and windows. If they leak or need to be replaced, you can find replacement parts at Ace Hardware, or call Mr. Handyman to pass the job on to a professional.

HVAC Inspection

Having a professional inspect your heating and air conditioning system
by looking for anything not working properly can help to prevent fires. It’s a great idea to have this inspection before using your heater for the first time that year. In addition to having your HVAC inspected, change your filter. Filters should be changed regularly to maintain the health of your HVAC system and keep the air in your home clean. Find Approved Home Pros recommended HVAC companies here.

Change Batteries In Smoke & CO Detectors

Changing the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors is easy and ensures that you and your family remain safe. Some new codes require detectors to have a 10-year built-in battery; if you have one of these you need to replace the entire unit every 10 years. Find Approved Home Pros recommended Handymen here.