Best Value Glass Shower + Window Showroom

Best Value Glass Shower + Window Showroom »

Best Value Glass recently unveiled its new customs glass and window showroom, located at 8956 Winter Gardens Blvd., Lakeside. Visit today for all your glass needs.

Get The Most Out Of Your Garage With A New Floor Coating »

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 30, 2017 ON ABC 10 Learn the common misconceptions of epoxy and the difference a Spartaflex floor coating can make. If you’re looking to upgrade your garage floor with a coating that looks great and lasts longer, Perkins Custom Coatings explains how they can transform your garage into another room in the house.

3 Things To Look For When Going Solar »

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 30, 2017 ON ABC 10 Learn the top 3 most important things to consider when choosing which solar panels to use. In order to get the most out of your solar power purchase, it’s important to select the solar panels that will last and continue to perform correctly. Renovate America offers financing options that allow you to purchase solar without having the money readily available.

Approved Home Pro Radio Show: We Care Plumbing, Heating & Air, Jamar Power Systems, and Perkins Custom Coatings »

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 23, 2017 ON KOGO 600 Indoor air quality is important to regularly keep track of. We Care Plumbing, Heating & Air shares how poor indoor air quality can often lead to people getting sick this time of year. Have you ever wondered how electricity works? Jamar Power Systems explains the path that electricity takes through your home. Finally, Perkins Custom Coatings discusses the common misconceptions of epoxy and the difference a Spartaflex floor coating can make.

Do You Dream of an Organized Home? »

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 23, 2017 ON ABC 10 Is organizing your home one of your New Year’s resolutions? Classy Closets explains the top three areas in the home that have the biggest payoff when it comes to organization. Having a clean and organized room makes your home feel more elegant and spacious, so get a head start on your resolution to get more organized!

New Kitchen Design Trends You’ll Love »

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 23, 2017 ON ABC 10 It’s almost the new year, so that means it’s time to start thinking about a new look! The bathroom and kitchen are the most frequently used rooms in the home, so giving them a new look is always fun to do. Expressions Home Gallery shares next year’s exciting new kitchen and bathroom trends.

Approved Home Pro Radio Show: Black Mountain Plumbing and System Pavers »

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 16, 2017 ON KOGO 600 Do you have a small, awkward space in your backyard that you’re not sure what to do with? System Pavers discusses how to transform small outdoor spaces that are unique to your lifestyle. They work with you in order to create an outdoor living space that you’ll fall in love with. Plus, make sure you don’t run into any plumbing problems this holiday season! Black Mountain Plumbing is on the show sharing what not to put down the drain.

Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors »

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2017 ON ABC 10 The National Fire Protection Association reports that while 96 per cent of US homes have smoke alarms, 70 percent of home fire deaths occur where there is no working alarm. To protect your family, make sure you have working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

Look at The Math Of Solar »

<<< SUNDAY, AUGUST 13, 2017 on ABC 10 >>> There are many misconceptions about the real cost of solar. Jamar Power Systems breaks down the exact cost as we look at the math of solar with a real-life Jamar client as an example.

When Should You Replace or Repair Your HVAC? »

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2017 ON ABC 10 How do you know when you need to replace your HVAC unit versus when repairing it is fine? It may be costing you more to constantly repair your system than to replace it. Mauzy Heating, Air & Solar explains how newer, energy efficient equipment can save you money in the long run.

Why Bother With Curtains When You Can Have Automated Shades? »

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2017 ON ABC 10 San Diego is beautiful and you want to be able to enjoy the view from your window, but, often times you may leave your blinds or curtains closed. Legacy Shading shows just how easy and convenient complete automation of your window coverings can be. One of the biggest benefits of shades is that once they are rolled up, they disappear. They don't take up space and they look cleaner than blinds or curtains.