GROW LIKE A PRO – Trees San Diego

GROW LIKE A PRO – Trees San Diego »

In this week’s Grow Like a Pro segment, Tiger Palafox from Mission Hills Nursery's talked about the importance of brining trees back to San Diego with the Tree San Diego program..

LIKE A PRO: Picking Solar Panels Like a Pro with Jamar Power Systems »

Your San Diego solar panel questions answered by local solar pros Jamar Power Systems. Phil Edwards walks us through...

LIKE A PRO: Real Estate Tips from Bryan Garrity- Dangers of “Buying The Listing” »

San Diego Real Estate Pro Bryan Garrity of The Garrity Group shares how to protect yourself from realtors who will "buy the listing"...

Don’t Get Stuck With “Chuck and a Truck” (INFOGRAPHIC)

Don’t Get Stuck With “Chuck and a Truck” (INFOGRAPHIC) »

Learn the right way to hire a trusted local contractor for your home improvement needs below. "Chuck in a Truck" is a term for an unqualified worker pretending to be a professional contractor.

Staying Cool with a Dual Zone System »

Mauzy Heating, Air & Solar shows us the features of a dual zone system....

Picking Cabinets Like A Pro »

The Home Pro Show presents the first video in the Like a Pro series. In this video, Art Schiele from Imperial Custom Cabinets in San Diego...

GROW LIKE A PRO- Planting Edibles

GROW LIKE A PRO- Planting Edibles »

When planning an edible garden the soil is the most important part. Start by getting a soil test kit to establish what you need to insure your vegetables start off on the right root...

GROW LIKE A PRO – Drought Tolerant Planting

GROW LIKE A PRO – Drought Tolerant Planting »

GROW LIKE A PRO TIP: Drought tolerant gardens don't have to be full of cacti and succulents. Many beautiful plants are low water and easy to care for...

Termite Lady Gives a Great Termite Control Overview »

Sue Fries"The Termite Lady" helps us with Termite Infestation, Termite Damage, Alternative Termite Treatments...

The Termite Lady Joins The Home Pro Show on TV to Discuss Termite Treatment Options »

Sue Fries "The Termite Lady" discusses the various Alternative Treatments available for Termite and Pest Control...

Ecola Termite and Pest Control…the BEST for San Diego »

A great video from the very best termite and pest control company in San Diego, and all of Southern California. Sue Fries, The Termite Lady, and her team discuss traditional and alternative treatments for pests of all kinds. ..